Ben Wright

Full Stack Developer

I am a Full Stack Developer based in the UK. Here’s a few things I love to work on…

Developing apps in React Native.

Developing websites using React & WordPress.

Using Firebase and AWS for cloud services.


Passionate about building great solutions with clean code

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Web Development

Pixel perfect and responsive

Mobile App Development

Efficient and Scalable

I love to use React Native to build user experiences which are rich and responsive. I also have good experience with native iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) development and use Android Studio & Xcode daily.

My Latest Work

Technology Experience


Hooks, Functional Components


ACF, Gutenberg, Headless, Frontity.

React Native

Expo, UI Kitten, Realm

Modern JavaScript



Saga, Thunk.

Test Driven Development

Jest, React Native Testing Library


Apollo. WPGraphQL